My Working Woman’s Retreat

When our basement flooded last spring, we took the disaster as an opportunity to revamp our basement.  We laid new carpet and have plans for a new wet bar and kids’ play area in the works.  What made me the most excited though, was the prospect of converting our rarely used guest bedroom into a home office for me.

Our guests have a love affair with our sectional.  It didn’t matter that we had decked out the guestroom with new furniture and flat screen tv; everyone who came to visit always ended up sleeping on the couch.  I don’t blame them – it’s like sleeping on a cloud.  That said, a perfectly good room was going to waste; now was my chance to take advantage!

We had an interior designer friend come and take a look at the space.  She immediately said: “This can be your Working Woman’s Retreat!” I was determined to make it so from that point on.  I got to work creating a design plan; I envisioned what I wanted my space to feel like {bright, soothing, warm} and what I wanted it to look like {light, chic, feminine} and scoured websites and magazines for the elements that I wanted to include.  Of course, in a household with 5 people, my home office was at the bottom of the budgetary and scheduling priority lists, so it’s been slow going to pull it together.  But I’m excited to say that I finally reached a turning point in the last month where the ball has gotten rolling!

The first major challenge was finding a desk.  I knew exactly the desk I wanted. I had seen it on an episode of “Run’s House” (don’t laugh).  Angela and Vanessa had a huge white French Provincial table with curved legs in their Pastryoffices. Like this:

And so I searched. For something similar but that didn’t break the bank. I was flat out of luck.  Turns out those tables are treasured antiques and run in the neighborhood of $1500 and up.  That was not going to work. I was getting very discouraged and took to checking Craigs List like a madwoman.  I responded to an ad that I saw posted and dragged my entire family out to the girl’s place, with my husband’s pick up truck, to see it. What a letdown! Her table was in terrible shape, chipped and yellowing and rickety. After that I gave up the search for awhile. And then…2 weeks ago I FOUND MY TABLE ON CRAIGSLIST.  Within a few hours it was delivered to my house in great condition for a great price. Woot! I was on my way.

Meanwhile, I was contacted by CurtainWorks asking if I might be interested in reviewing a set of their curtains.  They were featuring all of their styles in blue as the color is one of the design trends for 2011.  What perfect timing!  I was sent their Messina velvet curtains in Peacock.  They are the perfect addition to my space and add a luxurious, rich quality.  We had painted the walls to the office a light, light blue and carpeted the floor in a similar shade; these curtains are the perfect accent.  The length is great too; I ordered the length longer than needed so that they would pool in a bunch on the floor.  Instead of using them to cover the window, which is small is this basement room, I decided to use the curtains as coverings for the closet.  I plan to use the closet for file storage and like the idea of sprucing up a typical supply closet with these gorgeous curtains.  I am now in search of  the perfect curtain ties to complement the curtains…oh and a steamer to get them silky smooth! If you are in the market for curtains, definitely give CurtainWorks a shot. Their prices are super affordable ($49 – $79 for these!) and they are currently offering FREE shipping on orders over $125.

Image Source:

Aren’t they pretty?

In addition to a fabulous bronze snakeskin, studded end table and studded leather chair that I scooped up at HomeGoods, I’ve added a pretty lamp, desk and wall accessories, decorative mirrors and Southern magnolia wreath to the mix.

I’ve still got a ways to go, but I am excited to say that my Working Woman’s Retreat is well underway.

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  1. says

    Absolutely gorgeous! I’m coming over to your house for future Blogalicious meetings instead of late night phone calls! And I have to say, I love Angela and Vanessa’s Pastry table too! Love Run’s House and Daddy’s Girls!

  2. says

    Each of these pieces/accents is GORGEOUS in and of itself. I can’t wait to see the final, completed project!

    An attractive, serene work space = so very necessary!

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