Last Week

I was thrown for a loop when I got the news that my dear friend Susan passed away last week.  I had so much hope that God was going to smile on her and give her and her family a reprieve and I was crushed when it didn’t happen.  I cried a lot. And I prayed a lot. And I realized that I was wrong – God did give her a reprieve; she had an unexpected 5 years since her diagnosis to spend with her loved ones before He called her home…because apparently she had a higher calling to answer.

Still. I will miss you Susan.

My favorite memories of you are your feisty ways and no-nonsense attitude.  Like when we were traveling home together from Type A Parent Conference last summer and you cursed out the obnoxious guy who almost knocked you over when you were trying to lug your bags (after you refused offers for help) onto the parking shuttle.  I knew you were exhausted and frustrated at how flying knocked the wind out of you, but that didn’t stop you from giving him a piece of your mind.  I remember thinking to myself: “Susan is a boss!”

Another memory I love is when you heard that Aunt Jemima was going to be a sponsor of Blogalicious 2011.  You were so concerned at how that partnership would be perceived by our community.  You said: “I mean…really? Aunt Jemima?” And I knew exactly what you meant.  Because I had had the exact same reaction when they approached me.  But I shared with you that we decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and support their efforts to change their brand image.  And you said: “Alright, as long as they do it right” – with so much concern in your eyes.  Along these same lines, I loved our candid discussions about race, especially race relations in the South where you grew up – and, as it turns out, had a front-row seat to the types of stories portrayed in the novel The Help (which we discussed ad nauseum too!)

Most of all, I love the memory of you with your boys; feeding the fish with them, playing Legos with them.  And, oh, the crazy look you gave me when I apologized for bringing you guys food that had bacon in it, unbeknownst to me, because, as you said: bacon is awesome.

I could go on about the fond memories I have – like the time I was the only one in our group going to BlogHer ’10 who hadn’t been invited to the Nikon party (seems so silly now) and I was bummed, but no one knew. Or so I thought.  Then I got an email from you out of the blue asking if I wanted to be your +1.  Such a small thing that meant so much at the time. Classic Susan.

And just a few weeks ago, you remarked that you loved the name of my blog and that it was so true that life is the party. Judging by the number of lives and hearts that you touched, it is clear that you rocked your party.  And I will always be honored to have been your +1.


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    What a beautifully written way to honor her. I only met her once and I remember thinking how dang smart she was. Your post makes me wish I knew her better. Thanks for sharing.

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