The Secret to An Interesting Blog (+ Trash Bags!)

Oh my little blog. How I’ve missed you!

Last month, during her session at Blissdom ’12 called: Grow Your Platform, Keep Your Voice: Maintain Quality, Tsh Oxenrider said:

if you want your blog to be interesting, you must live an interesting life

It was a great reminder that life comes first, before blogging, which can be easy to forget as a social media professional.  It’s not all about editorial calendars, blog post fodder and SEO.

your life is your content!

And so, I have spent the last several weeks….living.  From soaking in the rad-ness of Blissdom in Nashville to surviving an adventure-filled camping trip with Chatterbox’s Brownie troop to celebrating Giggles’ 6th birthday at Great Wolf Lodge in VA – I’ve been going non-stop.  And loving every minute of it.

But while I’ve been too busy to post, I’ve missed my dear blog and am glad to be back.

Speaking of Tsh, I’m excited to join her Project: Simplify 2012! Ever since I’ve been home full time, it’s been on my  To Do List to declutter my house.  For years I’ve been griping that we don’t have room for anything and that the solution to our problems would be a bigger house, but I’ve recently been honest with myself that maybe – just maybe – we have way too much stuff. We’re literally bursting at the seams for no good reason. And so,

In true Fergie fashion, I am already a week behind (cut me some slack – I only discovered her Project today!) so I need to knock out 2 weeks in 1:

  • Week of March 5: Kids’ stuff—toys, clothes, and the like
  • Week of March 12: Kitchen and/or pantry

As soon as I get the kids off to school in the morning, I’m tackling their rooms with industrial-sized trash bags and a cup of mint tea. And I’m strangely excited about it.

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  1. says

    Good luck with project simplify! I love her blog too. I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying life and the present moment. That’s really where all the fun is, right?

  2. says

    I’m checking out Project Simplify for ideas but I’m not committing to anything. She has good ideas. (I’m trying to cut back anyway)

  3. says

    LOL @ needing more space but really just needing less stuff! I’ve been telling my husband this for years. I think he’s finally catching on and wanting to start decluttering. Looks like we’ll be having a big spring yard sale.

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