Getting My Virtual House In Order! {and a Call for Contributors}


Can She Really Do My Hair?

You know the deal.  It’s like having a hairstylist who is a beast with some scissors or hair color, but her own hair is always pulled back in a ponytail or tucked away in a hat — She’s too busy making other people look fly.  And so has been the case with my own site.  For the past few months I’ve been crazy busy with a flood of clients who want to rebrand their sites or up their blogging game.  It’s been so much fun and really eye-opening for me to see that this may truly be a gift of mine, but the side effect of hooking other people up with their stuff is that my own was falling by the wayside. But no more!

As of two weeks ago, I have a new site design thanks to Kendra at Smitten Blog Designs, that incorporates the various facets of me that I was struggling to communicate via my old blog layout: the events, the coaching, the lifestyle blogger-ing.  Also, the words of Mario Armstrong during his keynote at Blogalicious 2012 have stayed with me: “You’re not just a blog – you’re a media company!”  I wanted to be able to convey that.  There still a few things here and there that I need to tweak and finalize, but I’m pleased with the way it turned out. {and while I do miss the gumdrops from my old header, I’m totally crushing on my new Life Is the Party logo!}

Ramping Up Content: An Ed Cal & Call for Contributors

I’m also looking forward to blogging more consistently and to inject more of my life goings-on in my posts.  It’s interesting that I started out blogging eons ago about my day-today life as a lawyer mom but then departed from that a little bit as the blogging climate changed.  I shifted towards writing evergreen posts about lifestyle topics, and while that’s still of interest to me, I miss writing about the small but significant things that I experience daily.

I’ve tried countless times to create and stick to an editorial calendar and I’m going to try it again.  My approach this time is to sit down and bang out the topics that have been floating around in my mind all at once.  Also, I’m putting out a call for contributors!  If you write about travel, food, family, style, entrepreneurship or any other lifestyle topic and are interested in becoming a contributor to Life Is the Party, drop me a line. I’d love to feature you.

Speaking of features, I will also be launching a series of spotlights on entrepreneurs I know and admire who have turned their passions into brands.  I’m crunk about that.

Slowly, but surely my own house is getting put in order. Thanks for not snickering at my ponytail in the meantime.

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    I love how clean and spacious the new look is. I’ve been thinking about treating myself to a new template for my 5 year anniversary and am off to look at Smitten Blog Designs

  2. says

    I love the new layout. I hope you get things done like you want and I guess it ain’t easy being a Superstar!! Best to you as always and if I can help you in any way, give me a holla!

  3. says

    I so want to be you when I grow up! The new site is FAB and fits you perfectly ;-) I’d be interested in being a contributor – let’s chat soon :)

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