Who Would Your Brand Be If It Was a Person?

Brand Persona Graphic

I was listening to the MGN Radio podcast over the weekend.  The special guest was Nicole Garner of The Garner Circle.  The irony was that I had just had a conversation with Nicole for the first time the day before because I was interested in learning about her marketing services.  She came highly recommended by a bunch of people when I crowdsourced on Facebook for marketing professionals.  During the podcast, Nicole talked about her career trajectory and her business philosophies; one if particular stood out to me: she felt it was so important for every business owner to give their brand a persona.

Why Your Brand Needs a Soul

Would your brand be a middle-aged women who liked jazz music?  A teenage boy who is obsessed with skateboarding?  The point is to know your brand inside and out and to give it a personality and a soul that you can communicate to others.  There’s nothing worse that asking someone what their brand is about and them telling you what it is they do.  Really, anyone (or at least several people) can perform the service that you are providing, but only you can give it that special swagger.  Also important is that thinking of your brand as a person will also shed light on who your target audience is, among other critical considerations.

As someone obsessed with brands and their strategy, this really rung a bell. The really interesting thing is that your brand’s persona may actually look nothing like you (whether or not it should is a different question).  I’m still marinating on what an actual human representation of Blogalicious or Justice Fergie Lifestyle Media would look like.  Though, I’m having fun picturing those of household brands that I know and love:

Doritos = I imagine a grunge male daredevil college kid with a sense of humor

Coach = a 40-something woman from New England who rides horses and is extremely polished (and a little uptight)

Beats by Dre = urban millenial (male or female; white or black) with a huge ego and their parent’s money :-)

Your turn!

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